Friday, January 15, 2010

Blogging is Not An Entirely Different Universe

You know what it is, though? Strange.

My new thing lately has been home decorating blogs. I have no idea how long it will be until Fiance and I are in a place where we can use much creativity, but I find it all very exciting.

So I'm doing the blog-hop thing. Look at this blog, click a link, discover new blog. And I'm looking a pictures of this woman's family. Oh hey, that guy looks familiar. Know why?


I met him on Tuesday. Today I discovered his mom's blog. So I know how many siblings he has. I know that he looks just like his dad. I know what his wife looks like. I feel like a total creeper.

So it's advice time. Should I mention it to him and try not to sound like a stalker or should I pretend I never saw it and risk blabbing something about his personal life that he's never told me (and then really sound like a stalker)?

I'm thinking I should avoid "Hey, you were a cute kid!" or "Haha, your mom said 'shit' on the internet."


P.S. I know for sure that it's the same guy because his name was there, and his name is not something that's particularly common. Plus, you know, the fact that I saw like 15 pictures of him.


Amanda said...

what are the odds of that?! that's crazy! I don't know...that's a toughie. I'd probably just not say anything unless he brought up his mom's blog in conversation (or blogging in general). I mean, is this someone you're going to become great friends with? Then maybe say something because it's not really "fair" to know so much about him right out the gate. But if he's just a guy in your class you're friendly with but not close to, I'm not sure it matters.
My $.02 anyway!

Meghan said...

Maybe you could bring up blogging in a casual manner - like mention that you have a blog - and see what he says!!! That's definitely a tough situation. Good luck!

Amanda Wissmann said...

That IS crazy! I would WANT to say something about it- but not everyone is as...fond of creepers as I am. LOL! That sounds totally creeperish! Soooo probably dont say anything? I dunno.

Thanks for stopping by!!! (I adore 20sb!) Yea, I was kind of shocked I DIDNT hit the cactus with my face...I am the most accident prone person I know. Today my husband told me he was going to get me a helmet..HAHA!


Alyssa said...

It could be a little awkward if you bring it up...

"Hey i stumbled over your mums blog last week and then read every post and saw all your pictures, gosh you look like your dad (insert nervous babble....)"

And it might not be a blog her family know about? so then he would go home and question her about it and it could lead to family drama!

So maybe just leave it and quietly stalk her every now and then ;)

Ally said...

Wow, I guess everyone really does have a blog now. I'm not sure I'd have the guts to just bring it up to him. If you do, let us know what his reaction was!

De said...

So, maybe since I'm no longer a 20 something, I'm missing the problem here. I don't understand why this is awkward. Wanna clarify?

Meg said...

I know stuff about him that he didn't voluntarily tell me. And it's not like I'm good friends with his mom. It makes me sound like a stalker.

Jenn said...

Hm, that's quite the dilema. I think perhaps you should keep quiet about it and then if it ever comes up you pull out the "ah ha! I thought you looked familiar" card. Otherwise it might be a little intimidating for him.

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day and leaving your thoughts on V-Day!

Rhianne said...

oh tough call, I wouldn't mention it if it was me - he might not even know she has it, that would be a bit of a shock for him...