Saturday, August 29, 2009

I Must Be Sick

Because I just salt & peppered my spaghettio's. I put spices in my SPAGHETTIO'S, y'all. Have I had some kind of fundamental tastebud morphing? What's next? Buttering my chocolate?

I Think My Taste Buds Are Broken

I have an addiction. Last year at school I used half of my dining points to buy lattes at the campus coffee shop. (I didn't starve, there was a kitchen in my apartment. Hello, Ramen.)

Anyway, lattes, specifically caramel lattes were probably originally created by the hands of God. Full of deliciousness, caffeine, and hey, that milk makes it count as breakfast, right? (Pretty sure the calorie content makes it count as breakfast...)

At home however, and here at New. U., I don't have "dining points." I have this stuff called "real dollars" and sometimes "handfuls of change" that smarts a bit more to spend then dining points, as I had technically already bought the dining points, and as long as I didn't think about my massive student loans I was guilt-free.

So while I have no problem walking into a coffee shop and paying with all change (a girl's gotta get her fix) it's much easier to just make coffee at home. Now, there may be a way to make lattes on your own with some kind of equipment, and if there is and you know it, comment and tell me about it, please. Because my attempts have all pretty much failed.

But anyway, back to coffee. Just plain coffee, with a bit of creamer. I love the smell and taste of coffee, so it's not like I was forcing something down that I hated. I have grown accustomed, for the most part, to this form of feeding my addiction.

Yesterday, I went to a coffee shop. I had a white chocolate caramel latte. Sounds delicious, right? And it was. BUT it almost tasted too...sweet? flavorful? calorie packed? I don't know, but it didn't seem quite right.

So in typical me fashion, I am a tiny bit concerned. I'm the latte girl! I live for those things! And now when Fiance and I go into a coffee shop I'm going to stop annoying him with my dessert beverages and just say "coffee" like he does? What is this world coming to? The only bright side of this is that when I am with Fiance I won't feel obligated to pay for my overpriced beverage myself. Actually...maybe that's enough of a bright side?

Any other coffee addicts out there? No way it's just me...I hope.

Sometimes I'm Actually Creative

I just spent, er, 4 or 5 hours scrapbooking. And, oh my gosh, do I feel better. I watched 3 episodes of Bones and 2 of NCIS and let my creative juices flow. Of course, in the process, I also gave myself about 3 good bruises in the process (don't ask).

I also chose what order I wanted to arrange the rest of my (Sorry. Preposition necessary.) So my sophomore year of college should be finished soon. Er, I'm a little behind. Just my summer in London, my junior year, and thus far of my senior year left to catch up. Yeah, no big deal...

Here's one of my fave pages:

I am quite content at the moment. And hungry. And tired.

Going to bed, and frying myself eggs in the morning.

I hope this makes some amount of sense.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mmm, Hot Chocolate

Yes, I know it's August. No, I don't care. I crave the stuff. Happiness is a warm...mug.

So thanks to all my SITStas (try to sound that one out...) for the comment lovin' & the welcomes! I feel so blessed to have found a community of women who actually take the time to read my bloggy nonsense AND comment on it.

And for today's rambling...

I think there's a cricket in the living room. Last night there was one in my bedroom. I had to kill it. I felt pretty bad about it, especially with that *crunch* noise & all, but holy moly. One cricket can make a shitton of noise! It started up as soon as I turned the lights out to watch Smallville (on dvd. don't judge.) and it just kept getting louder. Did he think if he tried hard enough I was gonna turn into something he could actually mate with? Anyway, after calling my mommy, erm...seeking advice from my mother, I hunted the thing down with a flashlight and killed it with a pile of about 8 Kleenex. Def was not going to touch the thing. RIP Mr. Cricket. I don't know how you got in my bedroom, but I am praying that your friends don't know either.

(I definitely just googled why crickets chirp to write this. Actually I googled "why do crickets sing" but it came up chirp. Same thing, really. I think. Also, someone on that page had written "I love crickets. We do happy stuff together." Um...)

In an effort to make this post as random as possible, my brother might have whooping cough. WHOOPING COUGH. (If you yell it catches people's attention. And then they send you to the loony bin.) I don't know where he may have picked this up, but I really hope he doesn't have it. For him, because well, that would suck, & if you get it you can't have any friends until you get better. And also because apparently the test for it involves sticking metal sticks up each of your nostrils and I don't particularly want to experience that. And apparently I never got that booster because I was allergic to the shot as an infant. Awesome.

(I would just like to point out that my allergies are terrible right now, but the power of suggestion is insane. My mom sent a text to tell me and I'm like, Holy Hell! I've got it! I'm about one WebMD search away from turning into my grandmother.)

On a happier note, have y'all seen the 35 Truisms? I laugh my bum off every time I read them. Which may or may not mean they're funny, as I have a twisted sense of humor.

I have no class on Fridays, so I will end with this: Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm Tired & Lazy

So instead of a real post, here are some pics.

My first ever target. Not too shabby!

I actually cooked a meal!

Beautiful dishes inherited from my Grandpa (about 8 years ago, but this is the first time I've really looked at them). Love!

I'll shoot for something less boring tomorrow. Promise.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Wish I Had A Sound Clip

I woke up at 8am this morning. I did not want to wake up at 8am this morning. I wanted to wake up at 10am this morning. (Don't judge. I went to bed around 1am and I like to have a solid 9 hours of sleep.)

At about 8:04, I looked out my window. Had I opened my window and leaned out a bit, I could have touched a backhoe. A BACKHOE was outside my apartment. And the blade thingy was taking up almost my entire view. They were using the digger thingy end. In technical terms.

Anyway, for two hours I pretended like I could sleep, when really I'm not sure if anyone in the building was able to sleep. I closed the blind in our living room/kitchen so that there weren't creepers looking in, and then I proceeded to take these pictures from my bedroom:

What? I was in my room changing listening to all these men outside bitch at each other. I should at least be allowed to have documentation. And yes, I did it like a creeper through the blinds. So sue me. I didn't want to be drawing attention to myself.

On the bright side, whatever neon pipes they were using & the caution tape are gone, so hopefully (please please please) I can sleep in to my liking tomorrow. Especially since I don't have class until 4:30pm.

Monday, August 24, 2009

To Prove My Point...

And for Cheryl, as apparently 'romper' is not used everywhere (gee, I wonder why):

See what I mean?

(photos from

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Adults Should Not Wear Rompers

Or onesies, or jumpsuits, or even overalls (unless you are doing farm work. that is allowed.)

Rompers are cute on small (small) children, onesies are nice for infants. Even toddlers shouldn't really be wearing one piece anything. That does not seem conducive to potty training. It's hard enough for me to hold it long enough to strip off a wet one piece bathing suit sometimes. (Well it is.)

And wait. Any woman who has gone through that ordeal should have sense enough to not wear anything that can be described as a romper, yes? Granted, your clothes are probably not sopping wet and suctioned to your skin, but still. What do these women do all day? Not drink anything? I put so much fluid in my body that some days I have to pee every 30 minutes. Who wants to get completely undressed & then redressed EVERY THIRTY MINUTES?!

Inconvenience aside, rompers on adults look stupid. Do you really have a desire to look like a little girl? Really? And strapless rompers? Oh my gosh. Freaking ridiculous. And unless you are a size 00, wearing a romper will make you look poofy. I hate looking poofy. Also, some rompers will make you look like a high school wrestler because they are cut so low. This seems highly unnecessary to me.

Comments? Anyone? Anyone who enjoys the romper look?

P.S. Wearing rompers with high heeled ankle boots? Just say no.


I just read every post in my Google reader. Every single one. That is how much I love you all. (It was only a couple hundred posts, but still. That took a significant amount of time and a tiny amount of eye strain.)

So happy to have the internet back. I kind of don't feel whole without my blog. And that sounds really lame...but whatever.

I am falling asleep now, so I think I will save my "adults should not wear rompers" rant for tomorrow. Be excited.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'm back! I'm back!

The lovely people at IT have finally made my internet work. (I waited here all freaking day for them, so it's a good thing they did...) I feel whole again! Okay, maybe that's a little dramatic. But still true. I'm off to do my usual browsing, back later tonight for a real post.

Love to all!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm On Campus!

...But I don't have internet in my room yet. Hopefully by the end of the weekend. I do have this nifty computer lab in my building though, which is nice. I'd catch up on my Google reader now, but Fiance is visiting, so I won't. Possibly tomorrow. Go to doctor, buy textbooks, read blogs. Sounds like a day to me.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just A Note

So, I can't post anything substantial because our internet is crap. (In five days, I shall be living on campus, problem solved.) But I will say this: Daddy took me shooting today, and it was awesome. Also, we shot a computer...yeah...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I was productive today. Mom & K had to go to town anyway, so I hitched a ride to campus. Once I was there I traipsed all over campus without feeling too incredibly ill. Checked on parking permit & camera rental, made up a test, watched a film, turned in a paper, got into the lab (to take pictures of primate skulls so I can later identify them), and got notes from my prof. One more exam and I will be done with class for about 2 weeks. Hallelujah.

Note to self: I should not browse through the magazine section of any store. I will find a magazine that I must have. And I will probably read it six times.

I bought Real Simple Solutions today. It's like crack. Every bit of information is just fascinating to me. I also have Real Simple Weddings (aka more crack). I mentioned the bridal magazine wallpapering potential...I have a feeling that after the wedding I will make an immediate switch to decorating & organizing magazines. I wish I was better at recycling everything. My carbon footprint is probably outrageous.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Thought Processes Are Really Random

So the only productive thing I did today was change my profile picture.

Okay so that's a lie. I made some phone calls, set up a dr. appointment. Made a bid on e-bay. (Because I am now obsessed.) I might still make a couple of phone calls for work.

Good things about today: My student loan went through. Finally. I microdermed my face in the shower. ...My life is not this sad & pathetic, good things really do happen to me.

Bad things about today: I got ready to go to class & such, got in my car and made it to the bottom of the driveway, then had to call my brother (who was in the house) and have him come get me (from the end of the driveway) and bring me back because POTS hates me. Awesome.

Engagement pictures next week hopefully! (We've only been engaged for a little over 7 months...)

Side note (because the rest of this post is so cohesive): I hate challenge questions that involve favorites. My favorites change. So then I have to try to remember when I set up the stupid account and what my favorite was at that point. And I rarely guess correctly. Annoying.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Here's a Question...

Would it be inappropriate to title my paper:
"The big baboon by the light of the moon is combing his auburn hair"?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Writing Papers Kind of Makes Me Want to Hang Myself

Good thing I'm an English major. Although I'm writing a bioanthropology paper so it's not quite the same. Except I kind of hate English papers as well. I'd really rather just read the damn book, not analyze until it's no longer interesting. Which is why I'm an English WRITING major. But not paper kind of writing. Article kind of writing. Articles are quite a bit shorter and quite a bit more interesting (sometimes).

What was this post supposed to be about?

Every time I type "behavior" in my paper I spell it "behaviour." This is the result of studying abroad in London...over a year ago. Actually it's probably the result of reading too many British chick magazines while studying in London. Don't judge. (I was going to say "girly magazines" but then I decided that that kind of sounds like porn.)

Speaking of magazines, I have decided that there are enough bridal magazines in this house right now to wallpaper the whole thing with pages of wedding gowns. I'm almost tempted to try it scotch tape style. Anything that's not writing this paper...

I'm not even sure why I'm hating this paper so much. I don't even have any sources. It's just me blabbing about my trip to the zoo, only in big girl terms.

I think the dog may have just purred.

The best part of this post is that I'm not even remotely under the influence.

Too Many Monkeys

Apparently I've been spending at least a decent amount of time studying, as my father came home from the store with a "present" for me. Also known as a Kleenex box "Covered in primates!"

Sweet, yes.

Strange, definitely.

(I realize that this is not a particularly redneck activity. I am still tagging it as such, however, because if the hat fits...)