Saturday, June 27, 2009


Dear Head,

Please stop aching. I can't take this anymore. I don't enjoy popping excedrin like candy and I don't enjoy the need to avoid light & sound like some kind of jumpy vampire. And I nap enough as it is without sleeping to escape the throbbing pain. Please, Just. Go. Away.


Happy Summer Feet

So Gwen at Confessions of a Control Freak made a post a while ago...quite a while May (I looked it up) about painting her toes blue. Er, toenails. I was inspired. (Obviously not so inspired to go with it right away...) So I bought some blue nail polish yesterday (with Fiance's help. he really likes chick shopping :-/) and painted my nails last night. I was hoping for a more matte finish but for less than a buck I really can't complain. Thank you Wet n Wild. And Gwen. I hope my feet don't scare you. (Sorry about the hair. I shed a lot.) (Sorry about the crappy paint job. I'll fix it, I promise.) (Sorry about all the parentheses in this post. It's kind of ridiculous.)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Because Mom Said I Have to Post Again

It's approximately 8000 degrees outside. seriously. And I'm inside drinking coffee. That should tell you some things.

Both of my textbooks for summer classes came in the mail today. Yay. I think.

I successfully changed almost all of my English credit (all but one class) from "unassigned" to, er, assigned. Which means I do not have to take a level 1 or level 2 writing class and be so bored that I cry and chew my own toes off. I filled 4 or 5 requirements so now even though I still need FIFTY THREE credits, I can take electives aka stuff that has nothing to do with anything I ever want to do with my life but is still pretty damn interesting.

Plus, I got my student ID & student handbook/planner, found my summer classrooms, & filled out disability paperwork. And the guy in charge of disability is in a wheelchair. Which means he knows what it's like. And while that's sad for him it also benefits every person with a disability at New U. And the secretary was sweet, too. That makes me happy.

P.S. I did some yoga last night. I don't know if it counts a whole lot because I could do it all while lying in bed and half of it was just breathing, but I think I might have lost an ounce of weight. Then I ate a brownie for breakfast. One step forward, ten steps back.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

And also...

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

Transferring is a Pain in the...Neck

So I finally met with the arts & sciences department to schedule classes & such. (just the general people, not yet my specific department, more later) I was kind of nervous as they had sent me a sheet in the mail telling me what my classes from Hates Me University translated to at Exciting New Adventure University and it all looked a bit wonky to me.

So I get the the office. At New U., I currently have 71 credits. I NEED FIFTY-THREE MORE. 53. Fifty-three. FIFTY-THREE MORE CREDITS!!!

But that's okay. I mean, one year is like 30 credits. And I'm taking two summer classes starting at the end of the month, which puts me to 36. And if I take classes both sessions next summer I could be at 44 or 47. Assuming the second session doesn't butt into my wedding. So all I have to do is bust my bum for the next year and a half or so to get my BA. So Hates Me University might also be called Screwed Me Over University, and they made me withdraw from a bunch of classes they were convinced I couldn't finish. But whatever. I shall succeed and be rich and mock them. After I actually have my degree. Which will be soon.

I need to meet with the English department, though. Because they translated almost all of my classes to "unassigned English credit." Which means I would have to take all of the equivalents. But, thankfully, I have saved most of my syllabuses/syllabi. It would have been better if I had saved them all in one place.... But anyway, I just have to make an appointment with the department and bring in my stuff and say hey, this is the same class! and hopefully they'll move the assigned credits to replace it. And I need them to get my concentration away from literature to professional writing or something. Because I want to take as few lit classes as possible. Reading=fun. Reading & then dissecting the book until the mystery and imagination have been smashed to pieces=crap.

I also need to find out if I can take my last few classes either online or at Fiance's university & transfer them back for graduation. Because if I can do that, it will definitely all be fine. Hunky dory. Fun, even. Okay, well, not fun. But at least not torture.

I have ordered my bioanthropology & public speaking books for the summer (ick) so I'm all set and ready to go. Except for that part where I still have no motivation to do anything useful with my brain. I shall require lots of coffee. On the bright side, my classes are back to back three evenings a week. My brain works better in the evenings. POTS makes me hate mornings. Bleh. And I've got the same basic concept going for fall. Mostly afternoons and evenings. Good, right?

This will all be good...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

On Family Vacay

Will play blog catch-up soon. Promise.

Friday, June 12, 2009

You might be a redneck...

Conversation between me & my brother:

Me: There's a strange dog in our yard. Wanna go chase it off?

B: Is it a German shepherd? That's F.'s dog. If it doesn't go away soon I'll just shoot it with a paintball gun.

Me: Maybe you should yell at it first?

B: Aunt M. hit it with a skateboard once. I think this would be better.

Such is my life.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bits & Pieces

The swine flu is now a pandemic. Everybody panic. Stop eating pork and don't leave the house without a full body protection suit. But seriously. Wash your hands and cover your cough, you big snotbag. If I see one more woman walk out of a public restroom without washing her hands WITH SOAP I might become girl-in-a-plastic-bubble. Ew.

I feel icky today. Kind of like I'm on a boat (not related to the snl viral video) and have a mildly seasick feeling. Kind of floaty. Like my head is not attached to my body. Also, my left arm keeps falling asleep and occasionally stops working. It's really enjoyable. Especially when I'm trying to type. Gross rainy weather does not help this feeling. Again, ew.

I start classes in 2 1/2 weeks. I don't wanna. Gah. Isn't summer supposed to be relaxing? And also warm?

I don't really have anything interesting to say. I need to get out more. Thought about looking at reception sites today. Actually gonna happen? Not sure. Would really like to get that reserved soon, though. I just want the basics covered this summer. The big things. Because I'm gonna have a honkin' full class load this year and don't want to spend all of my time procrastinating on homework because wedding stuff is more fun. Or crying because some wedding stuff is not so fun. Can't I just jump to the 'yay we're married' part?

I should work. Being my own boss sucks a bit in that there is no one else to kick me in the bum and give me motivation. Work more, get more prizes. You'd think that would be motivation enough. Apparently not.

Right. So I'm off to go pretend to be productive now.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm Back!

-From a trip to visit the fiance's GPs. Not that you knew I was gone. But I was. Despite raining the whole time, it was nice.

So. The big news story is about this 14-year-old boy who tried to kill a 9-year-old girl by slitting her throat. And he did not know the family. And her parents were HOME. They heard her scream and came running and her throat has been slit. And everybody's all like, hmm, should we try this guy as an adult? Let me help you out here: yes. People don't go around accidentally slitting throats. Put his bum in jail. This is why I want to work from home after I reproduce. Put your kids in daycare and they get duct taped to the walls. Although apparently if you stay home with them they become victims of attempted murder. Remind me why I want to bring kids into this world? (I know that's not a question, but in my head I say it like one.)

I just completely forgot everything else I was going to talk about.

Stupid criminals.

Ruining my thought process.

I register for classes next week. Not quite sure what I'm going to take. Kind of hoping I can get away with taking a gen. ed. or two online so I don't have to worry as much about scheduling my classes around the same time. (Because I won't be moving down there until fall.) Wonder if I find out my apartment-mate soon.

I swear I had some actually interesting things to talk about in mind. I suck.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


I hope God can hear him from the front of the church, or we're going to have some issues.

"God can only hear me from this side of the church."

You know that thing where you have a pew you sit in every week, but then some family comes early and sits in your seat and you get really lost and confused because nothing feels right? Yeah. (Don't want to take credit. Fiance said that particular quote.)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So I have been accepted to Doesn't Hate Me University. Which means I will now officially be transferring. I activated my new e-mail address & everything. To do: notify Please Bite Me University, call my good friend Sallie about switching my student loan, notify would-be roommate & other various friends that I will not be returning to Hates My Guts Campus.

Crap. Must also sign up for summer classes. That kind of makes me want to cry. However, I would like to graduate with my current last name and not my married name (not sure why?), so I suppose it is bust my butt to get my BA in a year time.

Off to Facebook to change my education info and notify the world. I haven't cried about it yet. I'm taking that as a good sign.

A side note: I need coffee. But I'm sick. So I'm trying to be good and drink lots of green tea. It isn't the same. Also, the cat won't shut up. I love her, but I might have to scream soon.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Medicated Ramblings

I think I need to scrapbook for about 17 hours. That might make me feel better. I've got two school years & a trip to London to catch up on, anyway.

Why does summer never feel as relaxing as you hope it will be? I want sun. With a warm breeze. I'm only a bit picky.

Short phone call to the fiance and even my lungs feel a little bit better. I'm a big mushbag.

I really want to do something semi-active, but at this point it's probably best to wait for the Nyquil to kick in and just rest. Tomorrow maybe?