Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, K!

Today's Best Quote: "I'm a big girl. I'm 20."

But I guess it's okay, 'cause she's gonna be the most loved special ed teacher in the state, I'm pretty sure.

I love you, sis. Thanks for sharing your childhood & entire wardrobe with me. And for always making laugh. And for not killing me that time I cut your hair. Even though I was only 5 and you were 3 and I asked you if it was okay and you said yes, so it should definitely not be considered entirely my fault.

Enjoy your third decade of life!


Nikolett said...

Aww, I think it's sweet that you and your sis share birthdays in the same week. And that haircut fiasco ... oh wows, sounds like something me and my sister would do.

Hope you like the new layout :D

Meghan said...

Aww! Happy Birthday to your sis!

And I love your new blog lay-out - looks fantastic!

Becky said...

Happy Birthday to your sister! LOVE the new layout/design!

Ella Unread said...

lol! I found you!!!!! I used to read your blog when I was Thrice from The Stupidest corner of my mind and then my whole world disappeared and now here you are! I found you through Susie Q! yay!