Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Any Kid With The Patience To Do This is Probably Actually Possessed

Or, Part Two: The Knitting Loom.

(Note: Please excuse any finger bling in these pictures. This was in December.)

You've probably seen them on TV. Brightly colored hoops with pegs on them. Small children excitedly wrapping yarn around and around and around. And oh look! I made a scarf!

It looks so simple. After my traumatizing crocheting disaster, nothing could be worse, right? I made some comment about the commercial and Mom mentioned that actually, grandma had some of those that she'd given us. So we dug them out. (Cue theme from Jaws.)

The things look innocent enough.

Remember, though, that since these were my grandmother's bits & pieces, we didn't have the instructions. Or the hooks, at first. And I'm actually not sure what that long thing at the bottom of the picture is?

But thanks to the internet & watching those commercials, we figured out the basic concept. Simple!

Take big plastic hoop.

Wrap yarn around pegs. Twice.

Flip bottom loop over top loop with hook.

Realize yarn is wrapped backwards. Curse. Start over.

Watch yarn fall off all pegs. Curse demon children in loom commercial. Start over.

Yarn does everything you don't want it to do. Whimper.

Start over 745 more times.

Flip out. Make Mommy do it.

Give up. Swear off yarn forever.
Discover only good use for $#%$# looms.

Decide to stick to the classics. Next up: Potholders.


Nicole said...

Oh my! That looks difficult! I lack creativity and stuff so I'd fail for sure! Potholders sounds fun :)

Audra said...

"Curse. Start over."

That's my favorite part. I'm still laughing.

jules said...

I've never seen those things. What do they actually make...

Nikolett said...

Start over 745 more times?! Dang girl, your'e persistant haha. Those things do look difficult though, but they make for an amazing crown hehe. Hope everything's been going good with you :)

Sadako said...

Holy crap! That looks like something mental patients should do, like weaving baskets, except it might drive them back to being crazy.

Katie said...

LMAO! You're cracking me up over here!! Thanks!!