Monday, August 2, 2010

Things I Was Doing When I Was Obviously Not Here

  • Helping my mom throw my dad a surprise 50th birthday party, and it was awesome. And surprisingly, an actual surprise.

  • Forgetting to get my oil changed, almost getting stranded on the side of the highway. Begging my car not to hate me. 

  • Acing my summer class. (Why yes, I did get a 100% on my paper.) 

  • Trying to find a way to stop the excruciating pain in my hip. (Because apparently just chopping out that part of my body isn't an option.)

  • Reading about 8 trillion books from the library. I <3 free literature.

  • Buying books for fall semester. Definitely not free literature. Remind me to post a picture. It's an impressive stack of books.

  • Still reading all of your blogs.

  •  Packing for Disney World. See you in a week and a half! :-)


    Amanda said...

    Ooh, have a fun trip! :)

    Nicole said...

    You've been busy! Have a safe and fun trip! =D

    Red Boots said...

    Way to go on your summer class! Congratulations!

    And who can argue with free literature?!


    Teresa @ ♥ Too Many Heartbeats ♥ said...

    You are SO right when you say books for college are NOT free literature! They are downright ridiculous! My daughter just started college this year and I was astounded at the cost of everything. OH MY GOODNESS!! It is ridiculous!

    Have you had your dad's party? If so, how did it go? Tonight was my sister's surprise 40th b-day party. However, it was not a surprise because whoever does their bulletins at their church decided to print in last Sunday's bulletin that my brother-in-law had reserved the fellowship hall for this Saturday evening for a birthday party. DUH!

    Oh well! I didn't go but my family said it was still nice.

    I wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for continuing to visit me, for all your sweet, kind and encouraging comments you keep leaving for me and, most importantly, for your prayers. They truly are a blessing to me and I appreciate them more than you'll ever know!


    Teresa <><

    Katie said...

    Just poking my head in to see how you're doing? How's life? You doing good?? Hope all is well!

    Robyn S. said...

    Can't wait to see that stack of books, haha! I finally posted a new blog post today and noticed you started following my blog, so I came here to check you out. First, why is your blog so clean and gorgeous?? I love it. Second, you seem awesome, and we should be internet friends for sure. Thanks for finding me! Hope your fall semester is going well!


    De said...

    Dear Meg, please blog again soon. Your mama misses your posts. ;-)

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for coming by my blog.
    I understand about the chronic hip pain - I often wish I could just cut that part of my body off. Makes exercising almost impossible doesn't it?

    Yay, a real surprise party. I threw one of those for my husband a few years ago, he was so shocked. And so happy.

    I too love free literature. I'm wearing out my library card!

    Hope you had a good time at Disney World.

    And hope you will start blogging again soon.