Saturday, January 18, 2014

365 Days of Me

For the record, I hate the word "selfie." I hate that it was the word of 2013. I think it's dumb. I think we're all getting a little too obsessed with ourselves.


I saw this link and it made me think. Honestly? A lot of the time I don't like the way I look. If I take the time to get gussied up, I can be pretty hot stuff. But if I'm just sitting around, on an average day...meh. Not really a fan. And that's not really okay. God made me to be me. To be beautiful. And I want to like lookin' at myself.

So every day in 2014, I'm gonna take a picture of myself. And I'm gonna post it on the internet.'s my first week! (I spent a lot of time being snowed in/lazing around. Thus the repeated gray sweatshirt. Is that gross? Sorry, I don't care. Pictures will get more interesting.)

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