Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February Check-In: Apparently I'm a Hoarder

Here we go....

Goal 1: Read through the Bible.

Made it through Genesis and Exodus and started Leviticus. Thus begins

Goal 2: Read 40 books.

I finished one. So, you know, go me. I read this. It was pretty good.

Goal 3: Less stuff.

2 pairs of jeans, 6 tops, 2 makeup bags, 1 travel toiletry bag, 1 purse, 2 carry-on size bags, 1 scarf, 11 magazines= 26 pieces of crap out of my life. This is barely a dent. Help me.

Goal 4: Organizing

Working on it. Actually put clothes away after I did laundry, and I've done some filing of the piles of papers that seem to multiply. I also have a pile of stuff that needs shredded.

Things I have found while digging:

Geology notes. My degree is in psychology. I hated this class. Gone.

A bra I forgot I even owned. Win.

Goal 5: Decorating

A lot of this stuff can't be done until it's nice out and furniture can be hauled outside, plus nothing is pretty when there is stuff absolutely everywhere. On hold.

Goal 6: Knit more.

I thought about knitting. Baby steps.

Goal 7: Be buff.

I have worked out zero times. You win some, you lose some.

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De said...

Your dad laughed while reading this post. He almost couldn't form the words to read it to me ' cause he was laughing so hard. :-) Glad you are back to blogging!