Friday, December 4, 2009

This is Why I Shouldn't Bother Getting Out of Bed

Today I have successfully:

-put my contacts in the wrong eyes. and almost left them that way because I hadn't worn them in a while & I thought maybe I just needed some time to get used to them again. did I mention I'm going to be driving?

-made myself pb&j and went to put the pb in the fridge. which would not have been so bad except I then went to put the j in the cupboard.

-realized that I blew off a friend last weekend.

-realized that it took me almost a week to realize I'd blown off a friend last weekend. and that nyquil makes me stupid.

-checked my email after immediately logging out of my email account.

-discovered that my inhaler expired 3 years ago. (how much does that really matter, anyway?)

-discovered the above because last night I was having an asthma attack and freaked out because I actually did not remember what an asthma attack felt like. I knew there was a reason I carried that damn thing with me everywhere...

-walked into a room and had no idea why I was there (multiple times...and my apartment has 3 rooms).

And I've only been awake for an hour and a half.


Nikolett said...

Aww girl! *HUGS* It sounds like you need a moment to relax, or maybe just more sleep. I have clumsy moments like that, too ... and I hope the blowing off with your friends smooths over. The worst, though, is when you've unintentionally hurt a friend but they never mention it to you and then you don't know how to react!

Hope the rest of your day got better and that you have a good weekend :)

Katie said...

Sorry to laugh, but I htought I was the only one who did stuff like this....giggling!! I put the pb in the fridge all the time...on accident, like you, lol! ***Wonder when my inhaler expired, now that you've said something, lol.

Amber said...

I put my contacts in the wrong eyes all. the. time. It's TERRIBLE and then like 10 minutes later I'll be like 'wtf? why does everything look funny' then I figure out my mistake! Oy! Haha