Friday, May 29, 2009

le sigh...

Every summer home from college is difficult. This summer maybe more so, since I spent a good portion of last summer in London. So I am bored. I have approximately one friend from high school. She happens to be married. A big girl now.

I'm still living with mommy and daddy, normal for a college student, but kind of boring. We're in the middle of the country, with nothing in walking distance. Am I happy to get away from the bullying of the college campus? Absolutely. But my little college town at least has a park with swings. A bar. A coffee shop. Lattes in the morning. A pretty place to walk around, watch the ducklings and the evil attack swans. If nothing else, sunshine time while walking from one place to another.

I've got a bit of cabin fever. And I have terrible allergies, so I'm almost afraid to go outside for too long. Already sick, no need to give the germs more ammo.

Maybe a movie or some shopping with the sister tomorrow. Girl time will help. I just wish that my immune system would stop being a wuss and put up a fight from time to time.

Note to self: make more friends.


Katie said...

Yeah! It's finally letting me comment!!I know what you mean about getting bored sitting's why I started building's something I can do and sit still with. Do you have any hobbies that you could focus on??

A summer in London!!!! WOW! I wanna go!! I grew up on Wales and often visited there as a kid....loved it!!!

Nice to finally be able to talk to you!!! Welcome to blog world!! :)

Meg said...

Thanks for the welcome! I do have some hobbies, but I'm so darn tired! Everything sounds exhausting.