Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Return of the Caution Tape (cue music from Jaws)

The evil backhoes and bitching men are back. Remember this? Except they're starting earlier in the morning. Like 7, 7:30. Which okay,  I know is not that early. But when I can sleep until 10:30am (and plan my bedtime accordingly) it is not enjoyable to be yanked out of sweet slumber by terrible noises of destruction.

(Although I have to say, I did not mind it quite so much yesterday morning, because the vicious awakening saved me from the dream I was having about JTT being a rapist/serial killer and coming after me. It was terrifying, y'all. This is not funny shit.)

Anyway, I'm just saying, it would at least be nice to know what on earth they are doing out there and if they could maybe be so kind as to staple a warning message to the building announcement board. I mean, really. We're trying to freaking learn here.

On the bright side, I am feeling much better after last night's Magic Juice infusion, also known as 2 liters of saline IV.  Thank you, POTS, for making it impossible to enjoy some flipping sunshine without my body being sucked dry of fluid. (For the record, I wore sunscreen and a hat and drank about a gallon of Powerade after the game, but apparently POTS doesn't like the blue kind.)

I realize that this sounds like a big whinefest, but I really am in a good mood today. Except now I have to be productive.  Hmm...

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Gwen said...

I was so happy that my alarm woke me up from a dream this morning too. I'm glad you are feeling better and hope that the backhoe men leave you to sleep soon. XOXO