Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Wish I Had A Sound Clip

I woke up at 8am this morning. I did not want to wake up at 8am this morning. I wanted to wake up at 10am this morning. (Don't judge. I went to bed around 1am and I like to have a solid 9 hours of sleep.)

At about 8:04, I looked out my window. Had I opened my window and leaned out a bit, I could have touched a backhoe. A BACKHOE was outside my apartment. And the blade thingy was taking up almost my entire view. They were using the digger thingy end. In technical terms.

Anyway, for two hours I pretended like I could sleep, when really I'm not sure if anyone in the building was able to sleep. I closed the blind in our living room/kitchen so that there weren't creepers looking in, and then I proceeded to take these pictures from my bedroom:

What? I was in my room changing listening to all these men outside bitch at each other. I should at least be allowed to have documentation. And yes, I did it like a creeper through the blinds. So sue me. I didn't want to be drawing attention to myself.

On the bright side, whatever neon pipes they were using & the caution tape are gone, so hopefully (please please please) I can sleep in to my liking tomorrow. Especially since I don't have class until 4:30pm.


Just Lisa said...

Friggin' backhoes!

I'd love to be able to sleep until 10 am!

I came by to welcome you to SITS! Welcome!

Anonymous said...

stopping by from SITS to say good morning! Hope you got to sleep in today. I know I didn't but that's what happens when you have a 2 year old.

I'm also part of the Welcomista Wagon at SITS, so it appears that you may be new to the community in which case I would like to welcome you and let you know that we are so glad you joined!

Just a little blog advice, since you have a great blog and a great look on it, maybe move your follower widget up just a little bit. Making it easier for people to follow means more people to love you!

Meg said...

Thanks for the welcome(s) & the tip!

Red Boots said...

It does actually look like a creeper! How frightening to be confronted with that first thing in the morning! x

Gwen said...

LOL!!! I would have totally taken photos through the blinds too. I'm the worst about that. I will look through every slat to see what's going on but would never open the window. :) XOXO

jmt said...

Um. You don't have class until 4:30?? What the hell kind of schedule is THAT??? I needed that. No I didn't. I didn't like being on campus after 4:30.