Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sometimes I Pretend I Cook

You know that commercial with Kelly Ripa? The one where they make a big deal about how the stove boils water in 90 seconds? I mock it pretty much every time I see it. But I am sitting here waiting for my water to boil so I can make ramen noodles, because that is essentially the only food resembling a meal I have in the apartment, and it's been at least 3 minutes and the water is not boiling. I can't decide if this is because my stove sucks or electric stoves in general suck. Either way, it took less time to actually cook the noodles than it did to boil the water. And despite the fact that I have grown up in a generation without, whatever. When I'm hungry, I'm hungry.

So just because I'm curious, do you prefer gas or electric stoves? I cannot be the only one who notices a difference.


That Kind of Girl said...

Oh my god, dude, gas stoves are like fourteen thousand times better than electric. And not just because you can make s'mores on them either. (Although, also, yeah, s'mores.)

I've been stuck with electric stoves for the past four years, and they heat much much much more slowly. Plus the burners take ages to get cool again, which is a big issue if you have little counterspace (or, like in my apartment, literally no counterspace) and need to put pans down somewhere where they won't keep heating.)

Words cannot express how very truly I hate electric ranges. I vow to never live with one again if I have the option.

Red Boots said...

Gas gas gas! There's a terrible phrase that people used to say "now you're cooking with gas" when something good was happening, though I think it's very 1980's!

I boil my water first in an electric kettle - that always seem to help reduce my cooking time.


Audra said...

I hate electric! We just bought our first home, and it came with electric. I hope to re-do our kitchen in a year or so. Can you switch from electric to gas? I don't even know?

The only way I wouldn't mind an electric is if it was one of those completely smooth surface cook tops. My mother-in-law has one, and they are so incredibly easy to clean. But the regular electric range stays so yucky and bleh!

Also, a little tip to help your water boil faster... add a touch of salt!



Meg said...

TKOG - I cannot believe I forgot about s'mores! Ohmygoodness. I need a marshmallow. The heating/cooling thing is my biggest pet peeve about it all. Plus, you know when a gas stove is hot because IT'S ON FIRE.

RB - I may have to start using that phrase. It's hilariously bad. But the 80's are cool again, right?

A - I have no idea if you can switch, but I hope so. My fiance has a gas stove for the first time and thankfully he has seen the light.

And thanks RB & A for the boiling tips!

Rachel Lundy said...

I prefer gas. It gets hot fast and stays hot. The only time I prefer electric is when I am making soft boiled eggs. I never did figure out how to make them perfectly on a gas stove.