Sunday, June 21, 2009

Transferring is a Pain in the...Neck

So I finally met with the arts & sciences department to schedule classes & such. (just the general people, not yet my specific department, more later) I was kind of nervous as they had sent me a sheet in the mail telling me what my classes from Hates Me University translated to at Exciting New Adventure University and it all looked a bit wonky to me.

So I get the the office. At New U., I currently have 71 credits. I NEED FIFTY-THREE MORE. 53. Fifty-three. FIFTY-THREE MORE CREDITS!!!

But that's okay. I mean, one year is like 30 credits. And I'm taking two summer classes starting at the end of the month, which puts me to 36. And if I take classes both sessions next summer I could be at 44 or 47. Assuming the second session doesn't butt into my wedding. So all I have to do is bust my bum for the next year and a half or so to get my BA. So Hates Me University might also be called Screwed Me Over University, and they made me withdraw from a bunch of classes they were convinced I couldn't finish. But whatever. I shall succeed and be rich and mock them. After I actually have my degree. Which will be soon.

I need to meet with the English department, though. Because they translated almost all of my classes to "unassigned English credit." Which means I would have to take all of the equivalents. But, thankfully, I have saved most of my syllabuses/syllabi. It would have been better if I had saved them all in one place.... But anyway, I just have to make an appointment with the department and bring in my stuff and say hey, this is the same class! and hopefully they'll move the assigned credits to replace it. And I need them to get my concentration away from literature to professional writing or something. Because I want to take as few lit classes as possible. Reading=fun. Reading & then dissecting the book until the mystery and imagination have been smashed to pieces=crap.

I also need to find out if I can take my last few classes either online or at Fiance's university & transfer them back for graduation. Because if I can do that, it will definitely all be fine. Hunky dory. Fun, even. Okay, well, not fun. But at least not torture.

I have ordered my bioanthropology & public speaking books for the summer (ick) so I'm all set and ready to go. Except for that part where I still have no motivation to do anything useful with my brain. I shall require lots of coffee. On the bright side, my classes are back to back three evenings a week. My brain works better in the evenings. POTS makes me hate mornings. Bleh. And I've got the same basic concept going for fall. Mostly afternoons and evenings. Good, right?

This will all be good...

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Katie said...

WOW! I can totally understand about having no motivation!! But, you seem to keep trucking!! I'm still speechless on how you handle school and all the bs that comes with pots!! Pat yourself on the back for me:)