Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Summer Feet

So Gwen at Confessions of a Control Freak made a post a while ago...quite a while May (I looked it up) about painting her toes blue. Er, toenails. I was inspired. (Obviously not so inspired to go with it right away...) So I bought some blue nail polish yesterday (with Fiance's help. he really likes chick shopping :-/) and painted my nails last night. I was hoping for a more matte finish but for less than a buck I really can't complain. Thank you Wet n Wild. And Gwen. I hope my feet don't scare you. (Sorry about the hair. I shed a lot.) (Sorry about the crappy paint job. I'll fix it, I promise.) (Sorry about all the parentheses in this post. It's kind of ridiculous.)

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Gwen said...

Great color!!! I love the blues & greens this summer. I however just bought a new pink (review to be posted soon) and I might have to sport it on the tootsies for a few. LOL!! Have a fabulous weekend! XOXO