Thursday, July 9, 2009

At Least It's Not Broken

If you could see my typing right now, you would probably laugh. Or, if you're like me, shove me away from the computer and start typing yourself because you can't stand it when people take eight hours to type a stupid blog post. Just do it already!

Right. So...

Anyway, I passed out last night. (on the way to pee. and I was out for a while and took a good long time to get up so I am quite thankful that I didn't wet myself...) Since I was, you know, unconscious, I don't know how exactly I landed on my hand/wrist/arm, but it did not feel good. Decided not to go to the ER last night because I didn't want to admit that I might have injured myself and also because everyone had been sleeping and nobody was awake enough to drive. So last night, ice. And engagement ring moved to right hand in case the left hand swelled up 6 times its normal size. No saws near the fingers, please.

Went to dr today, got X-rays, etc, nothing broken. Thankfully. Sprained though. So I hurt quite a bit and my wrist/hand are all wrapped up so that I don't have full use of my fingers. And typing actually hurts a bit, with the pushing down of the fingers and such.

But I wanted to share nonetheless because I like to share my fun life adventures and because I haven't posted anything of substance lately. I definitely just typed "stubstance." Did I mention my brain isn't quite working either?

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Katie said...

My goodness...I've missed a lot! glad you didn't break yourself when you fell! Sounds like your pushing it a little too much? I know it's fustrating.....and I'll be glad to come to any pitty party you have:) Even if it involves a slumber party on the couch with the dogs:) LOL....But like you said, It makes our lifes interesting, it's not interesting enough, huh!! Keep your chin up!
Love the blue shoes:) Too cute!! :)