Tuesday, July 28, 2009


At first, I thought morphine was my friend. It made me feel a little bit loopy and kind of made me feel like I was on Jupiter (because of the increased gravity, duh) but other than that it just made the pain go away. And then we got in the car to go home. And I somehow managed to shoot vomit at my mother's windshield, but not before passing out. So I actually don't remember any of the vomiting and when I came to and mom said "You threw up" I said "No, I didn't" and then we got home and the car light came on. So glad I decided to toss that white sweatshirt over my lap like a blanket. Awesome.

(Reason for morphine: abdominal pain last night that apparently was nothing other than maybe my gall bladder being angry or maybe the flu. Either way they drugged me and we got home around 5am. And now I have morphine hangover, massive headache included. More awesome.)

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Katie said...

LOL, Sounds like an interesting night....but not as interesting as your Dads story about chasing drunks, lol! Hope you get to feeling better, well, better than your feeling right now:) Sucks to be sick and in pain!!