Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just thought you should know...

...that chimpanzees eat monkeys. and it's disgusting. How do I know? A video for class of course. yuck. This is super disturbing. I'm sitting in a church for crying out loud.

On a lighter note, the second bridesmaid's dress is in. Woot! I'm so excited. I love those dresses. Eeh! Excitement. If only we could find a reception hall that won't make me feel claustrophobic. I need space people!

We pretty much have internet back at home, btw, so I'm hoping to be blogging a bit more than I have been. I'm a blogging loser. My apologies. I spend my free time studying primates. ...yay.

So, right, I have to go back to being social. Fiance is here and I think it's going to be time for dinner soon.

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