Friday, July 10, 2009

Gettin' the Heck Out of Dodge

And by "out of dodge" I mean that for the weekend, I am leaving my podunk little middle-of-nowhere town and staying with Fiance in his podunk little middle-of-nowhere town.

But, it will be a change. Even though I will be studying there since my graceful fall has meant I missed my exams yesterday. And I still have to explain my new lovely arm decoration to Fiance. And the ring on the right hand thing. But it's not a cast, just a big 'ol ace bandage. And the ring is temporary. No biggie.

I worry too much.

Off to pack and eat some pancakes. Yes, at noon.

See y'all Monday.

1 comment :

mylittlebecky said...

yayee for a change of pace! and sorry about your arm.

ps hello! :)