Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Might Care More About the Internet if I Could Stand Up

So I'm at my aunt's house to mooch internet because I communicate with my profs through e-mail and also because without periodic internet use I begin a slow death.

So, yeah, it's great that I'm getting my fix. Except I should be in class right now. But I'm not, because in the past two days I've passed out about 8 times. Awesome, right?

Also, I have the worst back spasm I can ever remember having (which probably doesn't mean much because I tend to block them all out of my mind when they finally end) and various other parts of my body have decided to cramp occasionally. Like my foot and my knee. Nothing about this is normal. Like just about everything else in my life.

So I'm kind of panicked. How on earth am I going to finish my degree if I can't even go to freaking summer class? Gah! I have to get married & work! I mean, I don't have to get married, but I want to get married and since I'm getting married I have to work. Which is what normal people do. It would be nice to be normal...

Sorry. I really am. I get these POTS flares and start panicking about essentially everything. I should calm down in a week or so...hopefully.

Oh my goodness. I'm probably scaring people away with this. I'd say I'm not usually this psychotic, but that would be a lie.

I really need to be working more. Might be helpful to stop passing out first. But seriously. I have no money and lots of debt. That doesn't have to be payed off this instant but student loans suck.

I'm not sure why I'm still talking.

P.S. I am wearing rainbow brite pajamas.


Anonymous said...

Hi Meg! thank you so much for following my blog! here's the "traditional" welcome: "Hope you don't regret, enjoy the ride" :D

Katie said...

Passing out eight times would scare the crap out of me too......Are you doing too much?? Are you drinking enough fluids??? Is you body trying to tell you to Slow down??? I know how bad you want this, but you can't let it drive you into the ground! Maybe dropping one class would help....Maybe telling your professor that your just having a bad week, and that this to shall pass. I dunno....You'll know what's best for you!!! I'm just trying to let you know that it's ok to say that it sucks....cause it does:) Somewhere at the end of all this though, there is a point....There just has to be!

Rainbow Brite!!! Now's she's awesome!!! :)