Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mmm, Hot Chocolate

Yes, I know it's August. No, I don't care. I crave the stuff. Happiness is a warm...mug.

So thanks to all my SITStas (try to sound that one out...) for the comment lovin' & the welcomes! I feel so blessed to have found a community of women who actually take the time to read my bloggy nonsense AND comment on it.

And for today's rambling...

I think there's a cricket in the living room. Last night there was one in my bedroom. I had to kill it. I felt pretty bad about it, especially with that *crunch* noise & all, but holy moly. One cricket can make a shitton of noise! It started up as soon as I turned the lights out to watch Smallville (on dvd. don't judge.) and it just kept getting louder. Did he think if he tried hard enough I was gonna turn into something he could actually mate with? Anyway, after calling my mommy, erm...seeking advice from my mother, I hunted the thing down with a flashlight and killed it with a pile of about 8 Kleenex. Def was not going to touch the thing. RIP Mr. Cricket. I don't know how you got in my bedroom, but I am praying that your friends don't know either.

(I definitely just googled why crickets chirp to write this. Actually I googled "why do crickets sing" but it came up chirp. Same thing, really. I think. Also, someone on that page had written "I love crickets. We do happy stuff together." Um...)

In an effort to make this post as random as possible, my brother might have whooping cough. WHOOPING COUGH. (If you yell it catches people's attention. And then they send you to the loony bin.) I don't know where he may have picked this up, but I really hope he doesn't have it. For him, because well, that would suck, & if you get it you can't have any friends until you get better. And also because apparently the test for it involves sticking metal sticks up each of your nostrils and I don't particularly want to experience that. And apparently I never got that booster because I was allergic to the shot as an infant. Awesome.

(I would just like to point out that my allergies are terrible right now, but the power of suggestion is insane. My mom sent a text to tell me and I'm like, Holy Hell! I've got it! I'm about one WebMD search away from turning into my grandmother.)

On a happier note, have y'all seen the 35 Truisms? I laugh my bum off every time I read them. Which may or may not mean they're funny, as I have a twisted sense of humor.

I have no class on Fridays, so I will end with this: Happy Weekend!


De said...

Well, I love your grandmother but she does not need a clone! Stay strong, young padawan, and resist the dark side...

Unknown said...

I hope you had an appropriate memorial service for the cricket!

Just stopping by from SITS to say hi; hope you'll do the same.

Red Boots said...

Even though I've lived away from home for ten years now, and even though before my boyfriend and I got together I lived on my own for two years, every time something happens, like a fuse blows, the washing machine breaks, or like if a massive cricket were in my room - this first thing I do is call my mum for advice!! Funny that you did the same thing - mums always know best! And even if i can't get hold of my mum in a situation like that, I always think - 'what would mum do?'!

Jen said...

I hate how bugs gotta crunch when you step on them, yuckie!!!!

Stopped by from SITS to say hello and welcome.

Meg said...

Mom - I'll try.

Eva - Of course. I actually did almost cry. Poor thing.

Red Boots - I'm glad I'm not the only one!

Jen - I know! That sound is the worst.