Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I was productive today. Mom & K had to go to town anyway, so I hitched a ride to campus. Once I was there I traipsed all over campus without feeling too incredibly ill. Checked on parking permit & camera rental, made up a test, watched a film, turned in a paper, got into the lab (to take pictures of primate skulls so I can later identify them), and got notes from my prof. One more exam and I will be done with class for about 2 weeks. Hallelujah.

Note to self: I should not browse through the magazine section of any store. I will find a magazine that I must have. And I will probably read it six times.

I bought Real Simple Solutions today. It's like crack. Every bit of information is just fascinating to me. I also have Real Simple Weddings (aka more crack). I mentioned the bridal magazine wallpapering potential...I have a feeling that after the wedding I will make an immediate switch to decorating & organizing magazines. I wish I was better at recycling everything. My carbon footprint is probably outrageous.

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