Sunday, August 23, 2009

Adults Should Not Wear Rompers

Or onesies, or jumpsuits, or even overalls (unless you are doing farm work. that is allowed.)

Rompers are cute on small (small) children, onesies are nice for infants. Even toddlers shouldn't really be wearing one piece anything. That does not seem conducive to potty training. It's hard enough for me to hold it long enough to strip off a wet one piece bathing suit sometimes. (Well it is.)

And wait. Any woman who has gone through that ordeal should have sense enough to not wear anything that can be described as a romper, yes? Granted, your clothes are probably not sopping wet and suctioned to your skin, but still. What do these women do all day? Not drink anything? I put so much fluid in my body that some days I have to pee every 30 minutes. Who wants to get completely undressed & then redressed EVERY THIRTY MINUTES?!

Inconvenience aside, rompers on adults look stupid. Do you really have a desire to look like a little girl? Really? And strapless rompers? Oh my gosh. Freaking ridiculous. And unless you are a size 00, wearing a romper will make you look poofy. I hate looking poofy. Also, some rompers will make you look like a high school wrestler because they are cut so low. This seems highly unnecessary to me.

Comments? Anyone? Anyone who enjoys the romper look?

P.S. Wearing rompers with high heeled ankle boots? Just say no.


Anonymous said...

Rompers are a no,no! Only like you said, if there would be farm work to do. It once took me yeah, like 30 minutes to get out of a wet one piece swimsuit. its horrible. but great read. && thanks for your comment. i will definitely look into that soon. Btw, love your blog. Take a look at mine sometime.
Following you. :)

Leslie The Pirate said...

I went shopping earlier today and saw a bunch of rompers in one of the shops I frequent. I remember thinking "holy fucking hell - I hope that isn't the next fashion craze".

Imagine trying to get out of one of those things for a sneaky ally shag or an emergency shit... What a turn-off, or a ruined romper.

Cheryl said...

You're going to have to put a picture up. I have no idea what a romper is..

Sandy said...

Your not kidding! That is a look that is best left for the little ones!

Welcome to SITS! It's great that you have become part of our community!

Laura&Chris said...

Oh my... yes, there is most definitely something about rompers that is so totally wrong and they should not be worn after the age of 3 or 4! LOL great post!

Found you via 20SB and your comment on my blog! am now a follower ;)

Gwen said...

I just don't get why anyone would want to wear a romper. I saw a girl out the other day in one and she was pretty plastered. I could only think about how hard it is to get normal pants down for restroom breaks in that state let alone the whole outfit. LOL!!! XOXO