Saturday, August 29, 2009

I Think My Taste Buds Are Broken

I have an addiction. Last year at school I used half of my dining points to buy lattes at the campus coffee shop. (I didn't starve, there was a kitchen in my apartment. Hello, Ramen.)

Anyway, lattes, specifically caramel lattes were probably originally created by the hands of God. Full of deliciousness, caffeine, and hey, that milk makes it count as breakfast, right? (Pretty sure the calorie content makes it count as breakfast...)

At home however, and here at New. U., I don't have "dining points." I have this stuff called "real dollars" and sometimes "handfuls of change" that smarts a bit more to spend then dining points, as I had technically already bought the dining points, and as long as I didn't think about my massive student loans I was guilt-free.

So while I have no problem walking into a coffee shop and paying with all change (a girl's gotta get her fix) it's much easier to just make coffee at home. Now, there may be a way to make lattes on your own with some kind of equipment, and if there is and you know it, comment and tell me about it, please. Because my attempts have all pretty much failed.

But anyway, back to coffee. Just plain coffee, with a bit of creamer. I love the smell and taste of coffee, so it's not like I was forcing something down that I hated. I have grown accustomed, for the most part, to this form of feeding my addiction.

Yesterday, I went to a coffee shop. I had a white chocolate caramel latte. Sounds delicious, right? And it was. BUT it almost tasted too...sweet? flavorful? calorie packed? I don't know, but it didn't seem quite right.

So in typical me fashion, I am a tiny bit concerned. I'm the latte girl! I live for those things! And now when Fiance and I go into a coffee shop I'm going to stop annoying him with my dessert beverages and just say "coffee" like he does? What is this world coming to? The only bright side of this is that when I am with Fiance I won't feel obligated to pay for my overpriced beverage myself. Actually...maybe that's enough of a bright side?

Any other coffee addicts out there? No way it's just me...I hope.


Lorie said...

I wish something would taste to sweet to me! ;D

I am here visiting from SITS

Pam said...

Coffee lover here. I always feel so funny at Starbucks when I say "medium coffee please." Very plain, but oh so good. Stopped by from SITS.

Meg said...

Lorie - only too sweet for my caffeine fix. I definitely have a sweet tooth!

Pam - I think I'll be joining you with the plain ordering soon.

Teresa @ ♥ Too Many Heartbeats ♥ said...

I LOVE coffee, cappuccino and lattes! YUM! My favorite at Starbucks is their Low Fat Caramel Macchiato! Of course, I usually add a little bit of Splenda and creamer to it because I'm an 'extra cream and sugar' kind of girl!

We have a really good friend who can make a caramel macciato. He makes them every week at our church small group meeting. They are so yummy. I'm not real sure how he does it but I Googled it and found these instructions:

If you just Google 'how to make latte', you can find a ton of answers.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out!


Teresa <><

Robin said...

You need expensive equipment to make a good latte.
A latte starts out with espresso. Without an espresso maker? You could fake it. Brew up real strong coffee.....10 scoops of coffee to 1 cup of water. Next you need a frother to steam and froth the milk. No frother? No stainless steal pitcher? you can do is heat up 1 cup of milk (stir constantly so as not to scorch or burn)to just boiling and begin to beat with electric beaters until frothy. In a cup, mug, what-have-you, put a jigger of the STRONG coffee and slowly add in the milk. If you want a flavored latte you can add the flavoring to the strong coffee before you add the frothed milk.
This is by no means a true latte, but when desperate..... :-)