Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Thought Processes Are Really Random

So the only productive thing I did today was change my profile picture.

Okay so that's a lie. I made some phone calls, set up a dr. appointment. Made a bid on e-bay. (Because I am now obsessed.) I might still make a couple of phone calls for work.

Good things about today: My student loan went through. Finally. I microdermed my face in the shower. ...My life is not this sad & pathetic, good things really do happen to me.

Bad things about today: I got ready to go to class & such, got in my car and made it to the bottom of the driveway, then had to call my brother (who was in the house) and have him come get me (from the end of the driveway) and bring me back because POTS hates me. Awesome.

Engagement pictures next week hopefully! (We've only been engaged for a little over 7 months...)

Side note (because the rest of this post is so cohesive): I hate challenge questions that involve favorites. My favorites change. So then I have to try to remember when I set up the stupid account and what my favorite was at that point. And I rarely guess correctly. Annoying.

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