Saturday, August 1, 2009

Writing Papers Kind of Makes Me Want to Hang Myself

Good thing I'm an English major. Although I'm writing a bioanthropology paper so it's not quite the same. Except I kind of hate English papers as well. I'd really rather just read the damn book, not analyze until it's no longer interesting. Which is why I'm an English WRITING major. But not paper kind of writing. Article kind of writing. Articles are quite a bit shorter and quite a bit more interesting (sometimes).

What was this post supposed to be about?

Every time I type "behavior" in my paper I spell it "behaviour." This is the result of studying abroad in London...over a year ago. Actually it's probably the result of reading too many British chick magazines while studying in London. Don't judge. (I was going to say "girly magazines" but then I decided that that kind of sounds like porn.)

Speaking of magazines, I have decided that there are enough bridal magazines in this house right now to wallpaper the whole thing with pages of wedding gowns. I'm almost tempted to try it scotch tape style. Anything that's not writing this paper...

I'm not even sure why I'm hating this paper so much. I don't even have any sources. It's just me blabbing about my trip to the zoo, only in big girl terms.

I think the dog may have just purred.

The best part of this post is that I'm not even remotely under the influence.

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